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Summer Solstice 2 : The Inspiration Behind the Shoot

Bali is our main inspiration for Summer Solstice- after all, it's a place where our favourite season is endless.  Similar to the tiny island we call home, we love that the sun is present most days.  The chill vibes and people, the diverse selection of cafes and restaurants- we always find an excuse to keep coming back. After all, there is so much to explore! Ulu Cliffhouse Bali, IndonesiaDon't get us wrong, there's something to be loved about the different seasons but we live in a predominantly summer place and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Now back to our inspiration, Bali is multi-cultural and we love how all these are evident in the different places- restaurants, cafes, shops and beach clubs.  What stood out to us was Ulu Cliff House, an amazing view of the seas, beautiful architectural lines married with the rough, untouched shore.  We decided we wanted to shoot our new collection here.  So off we went to reach this dream way before sunrise- a 3:00am wake-up call is not for the weak. Especially if you've been slaving away prepping for the shoot nights before. The team gamely went down the long, winding steps leading to the beach, a feat but what a glorious view of the sunrise to shoot in!Ulu Cliffhouse Bali, IndonesiaUlu Cliffhouse indeed offers a breathtaking view of the Uluwatu seas. If you've been to Bali before, you'll know the waters here are a gorgeous shade of crystal blues- one which needs no filters.  This beach club is indeed the place to be. They've got the view now all you need is the perfect spot to lounge in. I'm sure guests will agree that they have set the perfect lounge spot- in fact, they created a number of spots where guests can mingle and just enjoy the gorgeous scenery this part of Bali provides. We love how our chiffon dresses and cover-ups were exquisitely showcased in these lovely spaces and with that breathtakingly gorgeous view!

Ulu Cliffhouse 3

These were one of our favourite shots of our Serendipty Maxi Dress in Midnight Blue with the gorgeous rays showing off its sheer, fluid fabric and embroidery details. Micah PlaysuitSeriously missing Bali as we reminisce what went on behind the scenes- which means another trip is in order, yes?

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